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Staff Laptop Recovery


Should you accidentally be locked out of your laptop due to too many incorrect attempts or by forgetting your PIN then you can follow the below instructions to get access to your desktop again. This method only works for staff laptops which have a 6 digit PIN to unlock and not the 4 digit PIN. For those members' of staff who have the 4 digit PINs will have to contact IT Support for the recovery PIN.

Accessing the Staff Laptop Recovery Service

Recovering access to your laptop can be done either at home or within the school network. To access this feature from school you can access via the Intranet as shown below:

If you are at home and wish to recover access to your laptop then follow the below link:

BitLocker Self Service

N.B. You need to login using your normal username and password if you use the above link and you are at home.

Instructions to unlock your laptop

When you are on the BitLocker self service page (following the link or via the Intranet as shown above), then you firstly need to accept the notice that you see:

You will then be taken to the next page which will allow you to get a temporary key which will allow you to unlock your laptop. When your laptop is showing 'Too many PIN attempts' on the screen you will see some instructions and a recovery key like shown below. Make a note of the first 8 digits of this PIN:

Once you have the recovery key which shows on the screen then enter this on the below area of the BitLocker Self Service page:

Make sure you select a reason as well otherwise you won't be able to get a temporary key. Once you have selected a reason and entered the first 8 characters of the key showing on your laptop key, then click on 'Get Key'.

You will then receive another key on the screen which you can then enter back in to your laptop which will then unlock your device.

N.B. You can only use this key once as it will expire as soon as you unlock your laptop and you will have to follow the above steps again if you are locked out

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