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This page will show you how to use the new booking calendar system to view existing room bookings and how to book a room or resource yourself. The new system is easier to view bookings and prevents double booking from occurring. The system itself can be easily accessed from the Intranet home page.

Accessing the booking system

Accessing the booking system is easily done via the Intranet home page that appears when you login to a computer on the network. To access simply click the 'Booking Calendar' icon like shown below:

Viewing the existing bookings

View all resource bookings

By default when you click the link from above you will be automatically presented with the booking calendar monthly view. All the bookings will appear on this screen like below:

Each type of room or resource is highlighted in a different colour so you know which is which. To view a booking in more detail simply hover your mouse over the individual booking and you will see the following:

View individual resource bookings

By default the calendar will display all bookings by default on the calendar. If you just wanted to check if a certain resource is available on a given date e.g. KS4 Minibus, then you can select the room or resource from the calendar view by using the 'Change Calendar' drop down. Simply select the resource you would like to see the availability for:

Logging In

If you need to book a resource or perhaps make a change or delete an existing booking, then you will need to login for this. To do this you can click the Log In button on the main calendar view:

When you get to the login page, simply enter the same username and password that you login to the computers with:

Once you have logged in, you will be sent to the dashboard screen where you can make bookings for the system.

Booking a resource

Once logged in, press Dashboard from the top of the screen:

From here, simply select the booking you want to reserve from the list of available rooms:

You will then be able to specify the times and date you want the room from the next screen.

On the begin and end field, you can say what date and time you want. By default, it will select todays date unless you change this. On the title field, enter what the room/resource is booked for i.e. CIN Meeting or Admission. You do not need to specify your name here as it is automatically populated.

The description field is optional and you do not need to fill this in. Once you have created your booking click 'Create':

If the room/resource is not already booked then you will see the following confirmation:

If the room/resource is already booked out on the date and time you selected then you will see the following:

You will need to speak with the person who has made the booking to see if they can rearrange.

Cancel or change a booking

If you need to cancel or change a booking then this can be done. From the dashboard page as shown above you will see all the reservations that you have made. Simply click the reservation or booking you have made if you need to delete or change this:

On the next screen you can change the times or date of the booking you have made. Simply change the time from below and then click 'Update':

If you simply wish to delete this booking, then press 'More' to the right of the screen then select Delete from the drop down menu:

N.B. If the original booking you made is already commencing then you are unable to delete or change the booking.

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