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Remote Access Guide


The remote access system will allow you to access all your work files and applications from home in the same way as you would in school. For example, you can access your home folder and from your staff laptop or another device at home if you needed to continue working.

All staff laptops are configured to access this system and there is an icon on the desktop which will take you straight to the login page. On other devices, the system can be accessed via the school website. Any work that you save on the remote access system will automatically be saved on the network so there is no need to transfer work between home and work using portable flash drives. The remote access system is more secure as it is encrypted and there is no risk of portable devices becoming missing which could contain information that puts the school at risk.

Logging in to the system is simple as you use the same login details as if you was logging in to a desktop or laptop at work.

Accessing the Remote Desktop

There are two methods to access this system. If you are on a work laptop, then you will already have an icon on the desktop to access the login page. If you do not have this icon on your staff laptop or you are accessing from a different computer, then you can access the login page via the school website by clicking Staff on the top and then Remote Access:

Logging In

To login to the remote access system, simply enter your username and password in the following screen below:

The username and password is the same login that you use in school. Once you have entered your username and password, simply click Login.

Starting the Remote Desktop

Once you have logged in to the remote access system, then the next step is to start the remote desktop. This will allow you to access the desktop as if you were logged in to a work computer. All the icons on the desktop and the start menu will appear the same as they do when you are in school. On the below screen, click the Remote Desktop icon:

You will then be prompted about connecting to the remote desktop system. On the below prompt make sure to click ‘Connect’:

A new window will then appear and will look similar to the below. If you are accessing this system for the first time, then the below screen may show for a while or it may appear blank before you can access the desktop:

After this screen, you will then be presented with a desktop which will look similar to below. You can access SIMS from either the desktop or the start menu:

From within the above window or screen, this is connected to the school network so anything you do in here will be saved back to the network. You can find your H drive and Office applications here as well.

Closing the Remote Desktop

Once you have finished with the remote desktop, simply click on the start menu inside the window and select ‘Sign Out’:

This will automatically then close the remote access system.

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