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Welcome to the Brownhill Wiki

On this site you will find guides and useful information for the various systems that is currently in use at Brownhill Learning Community. This site is maintained by the IT Support Staff who will update this on a regular basis and will be the one stop shop for any new guides that we provide to all staff.

To start, please view the sections below to access the various parts of this site.

Staff Laptop Encryption

If you are unable to access your staff laptop due to forgetting your PIN or your laptop is in recovery mode then follow the link below. Please note you must log in with your normal username and password.

Click here to recover your staff laptop

Referral Forms

Staff Forms

User Guides

For help with accessing your encrypted staff laptop follow this link: BitLocker.

To access the Remote Desktop guide follow this link: Remote Desktop.

For help with the bookings system click this link: Booking System.


For articles and tips on GDPR please visit the below links:

Protecting confidential print jobs: confidential_printing_guide.pdf

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